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G-Player 2.2 AAX

We are very pleased to announce the availability of G-Player AAX for Mac OS X and Windows. This new version supports ProTools 10.3.7, 11.0.1 or higher, 32-bit and 64-bit.

G-Player 2.2 is a free upgrade, existing users can download it now from their Soundlib account

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G-Player 2.1.4 Update

This updates includes the following corrections and improvements:

  • Fixed some GUI problems with Pro Tools 10.3.7
  • Add GigaStudio Keygroups

We are also happy to announce that G-Player AAX will be released very soon

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Samplit 2.1 Update

This update includes the following improvements:

  • Recording in 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit
  • Recording in mono and stereo
  • Note name added to the exported samples
  • Each program has its own MIDI bank change and MIDI program change
  • New project editor to edit the list of programs in a project
  • New mapping editor, with menu and keyboard shortcuts
  • Redesigned conversion window
  • Mapping preview inside the project wizard
  • MIDI monitor to display the MIDI in events
  • Most fields can now be edited with the keyboard
  • Sample QuickView to easily spot any recording error
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AudioExplorer (free)

We all have thousands of audio files on our disk drives and listening to all of them to find the right one can be a very tedious task. Audio Explorer is the quickest way to preview a large number of audio files.

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Soundlib Studio 1.0 (free)

Soundlib Studio is a free software pack designed to help musicians in their work. This first version includes only one tool called MidiTest.

With MidiTest, you can check your computer's MIDI interfaces and see all the MIDI messages received on each MIDI channel.

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G-Player 2.1.2 Update

This updates includes the following corrections and improvements:

  • New Windows installer that lets you choose the 32-bit and the 64-bit VST folders
  • Improved the VST plug-in scanner on Windows
  • New self masking algorithm that better emulates the Gigastudio one
  • Improved the VCA envelope modulation
  • In the standalone version you can now assign the same MIDI device to more than one MIDI port
  • Fixed the freeze problem when loading a preset in Presonus Studio One
  • Improved the settings window
  • Graphic improvements in the mixer
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Samplit 2.0.2 Update

This update includes the following improvements and corrections:

  • Full screen mode
  • Fixed a bug when changing the audio out on Mac OS X
  • Improved support for VST plug-ins
  • New player user interface
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Samplit 2.0 now available

We are very happy to release Samplit 2.0. It's never been easier to create new sample libraries for your sampler. From audio plug-ins to MIDI sound modules, including real instruments or even sound effects, you can record them all. You can even mix them together to create more interesting sounds.

Existing users of Samplit 1.x can update to v2.0 for USD 29

Existing users of G-Player can get a USD 40 discount on Samplit 2

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Welcome to our new website

With the release of Samplit 2, we thought it was time to give our website a serious update. We hope you will enjoy our new website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comment or suggestion about this new web site.

G-Player 2.1 is available

This update includes the following improvements and corrections:

  • True stereo panning in the audio mixer.
  • You can now stack up to 24 instruments per MIDI channel
  • Each MIDI port can now be muted
  • Mac version is now digitally signed
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