A passion for samplers

Soundlib Software is a music software company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The company was founded by Bernard Chavonnet who became passionate with samplers after buying his first hardware sampler 25 years ago. A Roland MKS100, that could only record four samples of one second each and save them on 2.8 inch disks!

After the first software samplers were introduced on the market, we released CDXtract, a sampler format converter. The first version could only read the Akai format and convert it to the Soundfont and the Gigasampler format. As more software samplers were released, we added more formats to CDXtract and eventually licensed the CDXtract conversion engine to other music software companies.

After using samplers for many years, we realized that it was very difficult to record and create new sample libraries. To solve this problem, we created Samplit: An automatic sampling solution.

When Teac announced the end of Gigastudio in 2008, we promised to ourselves that we will not let the Gigastudio format die. One year later, we released G-Player, a new Gigastudio file player for Mac and PC.

We also do custom programming for other companies, our clients include Yamaha, Steinberg, Spectrasonics, Sonic Reality, Ableton, Presonus, Big Fish Audio, Univers Sons...